Our Production Process

We are proud of our long-standing excellent reputation for quality production and very reliable deliveries.

Our dry premix mills can each produce over 100 tons of custom feed supplements each day. Each dry mill is run by a state of the art computer system from Sterling Controls. The scale, tank augers, mixer and elevators are all controlled by the computer for the most accurate batches possible.

Our mixer is a Hayes and Stolz ribbon mixer, which is unsurpassed in performance, efficiency, fast mix times and durability. New elevators were installed in 2014 and 2015 at our Aten Road facility, which improved production time.

Dry premix is available in bulk delivery (25 tons) or in 50lb bags. We also deliver liquid protein in dedicated Heil trailers in 5,000 gallon loads. Both dry and liquid supplements are also available FOB.