Liquid Urea

Liquid Urea (also known as “Ag Urea”) is an important part of our business. We began making liquid urea in 1992 with our all stainless steel plant. Liquid urea is high in protein so it is ideal for supplementing cattle feed rations.

It starts off as dry urea brought in by rail. The dry urea is metered into the plant at the same rate as the water producing a 50% urea solution. When the two are mixed together an endothermic reaction occurs (freezes) so we have to heat it using a five foot long burner. Dry urea is 46% Nitrogen so the liquid urea is 23% Nitrogen. We then store the urea in multiple tanks and deliver it in our dedicated liquid tanker. Since Nitrogen is a source of crude protein, liquid urea is 143% equivalent crude protein.

Quality is very important to us so we developed a proprietary computer program to log and track each sample as the plant is in production.

Liquid Urea Program

  • Allows up to forty samples
  • Logs each sample for records
  • Prints Bill of Ladings
  • Timers tell when to take samples
  • Inventory calculator
  • Standardization calculator